Well, just like the name, the flavor of cupuacu fruit is very exotic as well because from the appearance, this fruit similar to cocoa, so it is not a surprise if the pulp of cupuacu fruit taste like chocolate but with a trace of pineapple as well, while the juice will surprise you with the combination of banana and pear.



Lanches Naturais. Crepes. Tapiocas. Saladas de Frutas. Milk Açai Casadinho metade açaí normal e metade cupuaçu, acompanhamentos à sua  Cozinha Amazônia - Torta de Cupuaçu com Creme de Queijo Cuia. See video. Chamada Cozinha Amazônia.

Cupuacu taste

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Inside the seed pot, there's a tasty, creamy fruit that tastes like a mix of chocolate, pineapple, and bubblegum. The fruits look exactly like that of a melon which has an elongated shape. It is brown in color and the tree grows up to 15 meters high. It is usually a shade plant.

Cupuacu 100g fruitpulp, frozen, please pick up or let us deliver. our Cupuaçu fruit pulp transform into exciting smoothies and shakes with a truly unique taste.

The pulp of the Cupuacu fruit has high antioxidant power. For generations, people have used the Cupuacu fruit in many daily recipes, favoring the rich and creamy taste. Cupuaçu is a close relative of cacao—the cocoa tree and is often called 'the taste of the Amazon.' Like its cousin, cupuaçu has a brown shell with seeds inside, only the cupuaçu is a lot bigger (up to 30 cm).

Cupuacu taste

Taste Description: cupuacu: Odor and/or flavor descriptions from others (if found). Cosmetic Information: None found . Suppliers: Abelei Flavors: Cupuacu Flavor.

According to Veríssimo (2012), the pulp has an exotic flavor and is pleasing to the palate like other fruits, such as soursop (Annona muricata) or cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorum). The main product of cocoa is chocolate (Santos, 2012), but other products such as cosmetics, fine drink, juice and icecream use this fruit as raw material.

Cupuacu taste

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Cupuacu taste

It has a mild chocolate taste and a slight aroma. When ripe, the heavy cupuaçu simply falls off the tree. As one might expect from the creamy-colored interior, the cupuaçu not only smells good, but also tastes fantastically creamy, with a slightly sour, aromatic note. It tastes great when blended into smoothies, especially in combination with banana or vanilla. The Cupuacu Fruit - the "taste of the Amazon." However, this delicious cupuacu fruit also happens to be a potent health resource.

3.4) is found in coffee, Cupuacu fruits (Theobroma grandiflorum), and tea ( Camellia Sousa (2015) states that the taste and aroma of chocolate are unique to  cupuacu flavor. Supplier Sponsors.
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When talking about unique, rare or exotic fruit, the first thing that may cross your mind is 'how the fruit taste?' isn't it? Well, just like the name, the flavor of cupuacu  

shutterstock_167677454 The juicy fruit has a taste that one could describe as a mix between pear  30 Oct 2015 Açaí and Cupuaçu ice cream There he serves a jabuticaba ice cream, made of a fruit that looks and tastes like grapes but with a citrisy twang,  O cupuaçu é um fruto sazonal, pois seu período de colheita está entre os meses note in the taste attribute in relation to the freeze-dried and commercial jelly. Now, São Paulo has the opportunity to taste the flavors of the Amazonia.

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The creamy texture of cupuacu pulp is a bit reminiscent of coconut. You can eat cupuacu seeds raw. They are slightly bitter and earthy tasting. Cupuaçu has gained popularity as an antioxidant-rich food. The raw fruit has a slightly acidic taste and chewy texture.